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We unite people that want to buy high demand and sold out tickets to the world's most popular events with those wishing to sell them. With our user friendly system you can sell your tickets easily at the price you want.

Tiksar guarantees that both ticket sellers and buyers are protected as we use a secure transaction system and transparent payment process. We protect our buyers by setting firm payment regulations. Therefore no payment will be made to seller until after the event to ensure that the sold tickets are valid and the buyer attended given event without any issues. Besides, in order to guarantee a safe transaction we ask all our sellers to provide their credit card details.

In turn, we protect our sellers by making an automatic payment for the ticket(s) they sold once the event has ended. In case any issue occurs with payment information provided by the buyer, we will resolve it without troubling the seller.

Tiksar guarantees that all event tickets purchased on our website will be delivered in time. Once order is complete and payment is made by the buyer, the seller will then dispatch the ticket(s) to the address stated in the delivery information provided by the buyer. For orders that were made in the last minute, the ticket(s) will be available for the collection at the arranged place and time between the seller and the buyer. This is to avoid any delays in the delivery that may occur if tickets were sent by post.

Why choose tiksar
Tiksar is the primary point for sellers and buyers of tickets to the world's major entertaining events.
We have an extensive assortment of tickets for the most popular world events.

Our sellers and buyers are spread globally and you can select your own currency for the convenience of payment process

Our friendly customer support team is always here to help. We have a team of professionals that will help you with any query that you may have.


The face value of the tickets may be different from the prices stated on our website.

This is because our sellers sell their ticket(s) at the price they consider reasonable, taking into account changes in supply and demand, the cost of obtaining the ticket(s) and the cost involved in servicing and delivering the ticket(s) to the buyer.

Furthermore, same category tickets for the same events may be priced differently, for the reason that sellers will price their tickets individually, so they can be either more expensive or cheaper than face value.


The ticket seller is accountable to advise on the listing details, such as category and especially the seat location (block and row number).

We advise our buyers to choose tickets that have maximum information, including row and block selection. Thus you can view the seating plan to see the location of a particular ticket.

For international customers we offer a delivery to the hotel they will be staying at or any other residential address that they will provide. For hotel deliveries we strongly advise customers to notify the hotel staff that you are expecting a delivery, so they can accept it on your behalf