Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions and General

1.1 The Terms and Conditions outlined here regulate the rules that apply to anyone visiting and browsing Tiksar.com (the “Website).
1.2  All content and visual assets on this website solely belong to Tiksar.
1.3 Equally, these Terms and Conditions regulate the actions and measures taking place between visitors and owners of Tiksar.com
1.4 Term “User” means anyone visiting and browsing this website, using its services and/or offers.  All Users must accept and comply with the Terms and Conditions outlined here. 
1.5 Term “Ticket” means a title/value that grants access to an event or public spectacle.  
1.6 Term “Seller” means any individual that wishes to sell their ticket(s) to any valid event through this website at the price authorised by Tiksar. 
1.7 Term “Buyer” means any individual that wishes to buy ticket(s) to any valid event on Tiksar website. 
1.8 The procedures of some services provided for this website’s Users are subject to change at any time without notice. Thus we strongly advise all Users to refer to these Terms and Conditions on regular basis. 
1.9 Tiksar holds all right to amend the specifications of these Terms and Conditions. If any changes made, Tiksar is not responsible to notify its Users regarding any amendments and in case the new version replaces and out-dated one. 
1.10 The consequent use of the updated version of these Terms and Conditions implies that all Users agree to comply with the new terms. In case any User does not accept these Terms, Tiksar holds the right to deny access for such User and prevent him/her from future entrance to the website, as well as removing this User’s account from the database. 

2. Terms of Use

2.1 Tiksar website offers an arbitration service to Users that wish to sell or buy legitimate tickets to any valid event. 
2.2 Tiksar is not a legal holder, issuer or possessor of any tickets displayed on this website, nor are we selling, donating, buying or conceding any tickets. 
2.3 Tiksar only and solely provides Users with a platform to buy or sell valid tickets for various events, without sharing the legal property of tickets between sellers and buyers.  
2.4 By accepting these Terms and Conditions, all Users agree to exclude any liability of Tiksar to have any responsibility for carrying out any transactions between Users, such as buyers and sellers. 
2.5 Tiksar cannot be held liable for the legitimacy and accurateness of Users’ commercials nor the ability of sellers to sell tickets. All sellers are legally bound to display the accurate full information about the tickets they sell. 
2.6 The mediation service offered by Tiksar is solely subject to acceptance of the contract between the Users and Tiksar provided here. This agreement consensually obliges the Users of this website and Tiksar, notwithstanding the agreements that may have been made between sellers and buyers on this website. 

3. Registration of Users

3.1 All Users of this website are required to register in order to use the mediation services. Once the User is registered, s/he automatically accepts these Terms and Conditions. 
3.2 All registered must be of legal age and attain full legit and social aptitude. 
3.3 The following information must be provided in order for the User to complete registration: full name and surname, valid email address and correct contact number together with dial code. 
3.4 After registering, all Users will gain access to the services of Tiksar. Sellers and buyers will use a Username (their email address) and will need to create a unique password that will grant them access to these services. 
3.5 Users are solely responsible to keep their personal account and password private and confidential. Tiksar does not hold any responsibility for all the transactions made on this website under their Username and password.
3.6 All information provided by all Users at the time of registering. 
3.7 The information provided to Tiksar by the User must be valid and genuine. All Users give their consent to guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of the information provided. Users are also responsible to maintain information provided to Tiksar up to date and accurate.

4. Selling your ticket(s)

4.1 All sellers must complete a registration stage before listing their ticket(s) on this website. 
4.2 When displaying ticket(s) for sale, seller must provide accurate and valid information. This information must include full and official name of the event, accurate date and time of the event, full address of the event, the ticket category, exact seating location and the selling price of the ticket(s). 
4.3 Seller must also provide bank details, such as debit or credit card with expiry date at least a month later than the event finish date, so that Tiksar can transfer the amount due in case of a successful sale of this ticket(s). 
4.4 All listings made by sellers on this website may be passed to and shared with third parties of Tiksar for further publishing. 
4.5 All publications made by sellers on this website involve the agreement for mediation services provided by Tiksar. Once the buyer accepts an offer from the seller, the mediator receives a fee for providing this service. In case of non-compliance by any of the Users with these Terms and Conditions, the mediator is liable to receive compensation. Tiksar will earn a commission, as well as monetary penalty in case of nonfulfillment if this agreement by the User, after the buyer accepts an offer from seller. In addition, Tiksar may be entitled for harm and indemnities if suitable. 
4.6 The validity and authenticity of the ticket(s) will be defined by the date and time of the event of such listing. The exception of the validity of the ticket(s) will be listings that may be changed in certain conditions that cannot be controlled or regulated by Tiksar
4.7 Tiksar will not charge seller for listings made on this website. A percentage fee will be applied in case of a successful sale of validated ticket(s). This will exclude the monetary penalty for noncompliance of User. 
4.8 The credit/debit card provided by User to Tiksar must have an expiry date at least a month subsequent the event date. 
4.9 The listing made by sellers in accordance with these Terms & Conditions will state the price that seller wants to earn from the successful sale. Seller must state the amount they wish to earn from a successful sale in the ‘Sell your tickets’ form on this website. This price must be solely determined by the seller, Tiksar has no right to determine or fix such stated price. When stating the price, the seller must take into account the possible taxes and duties as well as mediation fee collected by Tiksar outlined above. The selling price can be adjusted at any time before an offer is accepted by the buyer. 
4.10 The use of mediation serviced by the seller will result in a fee added to all transactions made on this website.  A percentage fee (18%)  will be added from the price stated by the seller for a particular transaction. This fee is a commission for the services of mediation provided by Tiksar.
4.11 After receiving a notification email from Tiksar about pending or complete sale, the seller must not reverse or alter the offer. In case of a successful sale, the seller is bound to keep the tickets for the disposal of the buyer. Once the buyer accepts an offer, seller will receive a written confirmation from Tiksar with instructions on how to proceed with this transaction and how to present the acquired tickets to the buyer. 
4.12 All complete orders are final. Tiksar is not responsible for any occurred changes in the event date, time, place or composition, or for any event cancellation made.
4.13 Tiksar has the right to apply fiscal prosecution, such as monetary penalty to sellers in case the order was not fulfilled on their behalf. Such penalties will reflect the expenses incurred by Tiksar when reconciling the dispute between the seller and the buyer. 
4.14 Tiksar has the right to terminate seller’s account for a repetitive non-compliance with selling regulations. The prosecution may be applied in the following instances:

4.14.1 Tickets not being sent in time for the event;
4.14.2 The ticket(s) received by the buyer varies from what was listed on website by seller, even if they are considered as equivalent or higher value to the ticket(s) listed;
4.14.3 The ticket(s) must be substituted by Tiksar in case the seller failed to deliver the tickets incurred an error with the order;
4.14.4 Tiksar issues a refund or compensation to the buyer, for a reason where Seller was liable for incompletion of order. 

4.15 All penalties issued by Tiksar will be in form of financial fees. The penalties will be carried out by the means provided by Seller as assurance of purchase or on the final amount of purchases pending payment to Seller. 
4.16 The penalty charges will be applied by Tiksar in any case where Seller does not meet the following terms: 

4.16.1 The Seller sends tickets at a later date than advised and as a result the Buyer does not receive those tickets in time for the event. All tickets must be dispatched at least a week before the event date. If tickets are sent out at a later date and not delivered to the Buyer in time, the Seller will be penalised for each order. The penalty charge will be calculated on the basis of 18% from the total price of the tickets stated by Seller. 
4.16.2 The Seller sends erroneous or invalid tickets to the Buyer and as a result the Buyer does not attend the event. 
4.16.3 The Seller sends erroneous tickets to the Buyer that are not exactly the same tickets as described in the listing, and the Buyer accepts the tickets but at a discounted price. Tiksar will reimburse the discounted amount from the Seller. Therefore the Seller will receive the value of sold tickets minus the discounted amount. 
4.16.14 The tickets will be deemed as erroneous in the following terms:
-  The Row number is different from what was listed;
- The Block number is different from what was listed; 
- The category of the ticket(s) is different from what was listed; 
- The seats are located separately when they were listed as being together; 
- The seats are located behind each other when they were listed as being together; 
- There are restrictions applied for the tickets listed that were not clearly communicated on website or to the Buyer; 
- The location of the tickets on the map is different from what was listed.
4.16.15 The Seller does not deliver the tickets to the Buyer or chooses incorrect delivery method that results in non-delivery of the ticket(s). In this case Tiksar will issue a full refund to the Buyer and the Seller will not be paid.  

4.17 The Seller may ask Tiksar to return tickets that were dispatched by mistake only in case the Buyer does not accept them. The cost of returning the tickets to Seller will be at Sellers expense. 

5. Ticket(s) Delivery by Seller 

5.1 It is Seller’s responsibility to send the tickets and ensure they are delivered to the Buyer in time for the event.
5.2 Taking in consideration various delivery methods available, Sellers are responsible for the following:
- Arrange the delivery of the ticket(s) in time for the event taking place; 
- State clear and correct delivery address, adding the Sender address; 
- When required, the Seller must acquire and print a shipping label clearly and correctly; 
- Include the correct ticket(s) in the envelope for the purchased event;
- Ensure that the envelope is correctly sealed and that it does not open in transit; 
- In case of shipping label required, Seller must ensure that the courier properly scans the label and registers the pick-up and shipment of bought tickets; 
- When shipping label is not required, the Seller must ensure that courier notes all information and records it in the delivery note;
- Seller must keep a receipt of collection issued by the courier. 
5.3 In case there are any issues with the delivery of purchased tickets and Seller has not kept any collection and delivery receipts or if the shipping label has not been scanned properly, Tiksar will not be able to validate the fact that envelope has been collected and therefore Seller will be liable for incomplete order. As a result, Tiksar will apply penalty charges to the Seller. 
5.4 In case the Seller does not send or upload the purchased Electronic Ticket(s) to the Buyer’s account, Tiksar will apply penalties upon the Seller in accordance with the Terms outlined on this page. 
5.5 In case the Seller uploads an invalid format of Electronic Ticket or sends a photocopy of paper ticket that will result in cancellation of the order, Tiksar will apply penalties upon the Seller in accordance with the Terms outlined on this page.
5.6 In case the tickets are not available after the order was placed, Tiksar will issue a full refund to the Buyer. Tiksar will not be held liable for any travel or accommodation expenses and will not compensate it.
5.7 In some cases Seller may choose to deliver the tickets to the venue on the date of the event, due to the nature of secondary market tickets selling. The Seller will contact Buyer closer to the event date to arrange most convenient time and place to deliver the tickets.
5.8 For Theatre and Entertainment orders confirmed up to seven working days prior to performance, tickets will be sent by mail to UK based clients. Tickets for overseas clients or for orders confirmed within seven working days of event will be lodged at the theatre box office or the attraction ticket collection point for collection by the customer (buyer) on the day of the performance.

6. Seller’s earnings 

6.1 The Seller will be credited for the amount of successfully sold tickets on Tiksar. The liquid amount will be transferred to the account provided by the Seller at the time of registering. 
6.2 The payment will be issued by Tiksar within 14 working days after the event end date. 

7. Buying tickets on Tiksar

7.1 All Buyers wishing to purchase event ticket(s) on this website must accept these Terms and Conditions. By accepting these terms the Buyer accepts the price for wanted ticket(s) as stated by the Seller. The prices stated are determined individually by Sellers, so they may vary. 
7.2 All sales are final. Tiksar will not be liable for any cancelled, changed or re-scheduled events. No refunds will be issued for complete orders. 
7.3 By accepting the offer the buyer gives all right to Tiksar to perform inter mediation services.
7.4 All Buyers will receive confirmation of their complete order. For the incomplete orders the Buyers will receive ‘Pending’ confirmation with the purchase in question to the email address provided by the Buyer at the time of registering.  Such email communications will be a proof of deal between the Buyer and the Seller. 
7.5 The final selling price for the ticket(s) will be a total of: a. price set by the Seller; b. delivery and handling cost; c. intermediation service fee. 
7.6 When using the intermediation services offered on Tiksar website, the Buyer incurs a service cost in favour of Tiksar for all transactions. 
7.7 The Buyer is solely responsible to provide a valid and accurate delivery details so that Seller is able to deliver the ticket(s) without any troubles. The Buyer is also responsible for reception of the ticket(s). 
7.8 All electronic tickets will either be sent via email or uploaded by the Seller to Buyer’s account. Seller must ensure that the tickets are sent in readable format that can be opened and viewed from any device.
7.9 The client and/or user of the ticket supplied by Tiksar must obtain any relevant information regarding updated times and other changes to the event provided by the organisers. Tiksar does not have any obligation to inform the client/user of such updates and changes.
7.10 Events that have been cancelled or moved are at the expense and risk of the client and/or user of the ticket and cannot be viewed as a shortcoming on the part of Tiksar. Thus, Tiksar shall not be liable to pay for any compensation incurred by such cancellations or movements of events. The client is totally responsible for obtaining the information about correct dates and starting times of concerts and events. Clients should also note that events can be rescheduled to fit into League obligations and/or television coverage; such changes can occur with very short notice. We strongly recommend that the client reserves both Saturday and Sunday for such matches when making travel plans. Clients should also ask the hotel's concierge, inquire with the local press or search official websites for exact times and locations upon arrival.
7.11 For each event, Seller can deliver to the Buyer an E-Ticket, a Match Day Paper Ticket, a Season Ticket (card) or Member Card. When the Buyer receives a Season Ticket/Member Card, it can only be used for the date and event booked through . Once the event ends, the Buyer must send back the Season Ticket/Member Card to Seller after receiving instructions which was attached to the Season Ticket/Member Card and placed inside the enclosed envelope. If the Buyer does not return the Season Ticket/Member Card within 24 hours after the end of the event, Tiksar will charge the client 100 GBP per day for each Season Ticket/Member Card, beginning from the end of the 24-hour period after the event’s end until the return of the Season Ticket/ Member Card to Tiksar Sellers, or 650 GBP for each Season Ticket/Member Card.
7.12 You can pay in your local currency, which will then be converted into Euros at current exchange rate. Please note, rates may differ for various banks.

8. Tiksar Guarantee 

8.1 Tiksar guarantees that all information provided by the Users will be securely kept private and confidential. 
8.2 Tiksar provides the following guarantees to the Seller: the validity of transactions performed by Seller under these Terms and Conditions; the management of ticket(s) delivery to the Buyer in cases that are not solely dependent on the liability of Buyer or Seller; the ability of Seller to adjust the selling price of published ticket(s) and remove above mentioned ticket(s) from sale until they are sold to the Seller.
8.3 Tiksar provides the following guarantees to the Buyer: to provide a trustworthy, secure and transparent service; secure and timely delivery of the ticket(s); issue a full refund to the Buyer in case the tickets have not been delivered at fault of the Seller or other circumstances to which the Buyer has no control over, the refund will be processed to the same account that was used to purchase the ticket(s); in case the event has been cancelled by the official organisers and they proceed the refund for bought tickets, Tiksar will refund the full amount of the ticket(s) purchased for this event to the Buyer; Tiksar cannot be liable for any changes in the event made by the official organisers. 

9. Communication with Users

 9.1 Tiksar will carry out all communications and notifications with Users in writing via email and via chat online option. 
9.2 In some cases Tiksar will contact Users via telephone for a quicker operation and in case of some agreement Tiksar will send a confirmation of such agreement to the User via email. 
9.3 All listings made by Sellers and orders made by Buyers will be confirmed by Tiksar in writing via email. 
9.4 All communications and notifications made between Tiksar and Users via emails sell@tiksar.com and contact@tiksar.com will be considered effective. 

10. Use of content by Users

10.1 All Users are obliged to use website content, such as text, graphics, icons, software, links and other in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. 
10.2 Users cannot copy, modify or reproduce any content on this website without a written authorisation from Tiksar. 
10.3 Users cannot delete, manipulate or in any way alter the copyright and other data on this website without written authorisation from Tiksar. 
10.4 Users cannot obtain or attempt to obtain the content in cases that differ from these Terms and Conditions. 
10.5 All intellectual and industrial property found on this website, including trademarks, trade names or any other signs that are visible on the website are solely a property of Tiksar. 

11. Use of cookies

11.1 All Users must provide some personal information in order to use services offered by Tiksar. All Users information will be treated by Tiksar in automated nature and will be kept private and confidential. 
11.2 Tiksar holds the right to apply all security measures needed to secure and protect Users’ data. However, Users must be aware that all security measures on the internet cannot be invincible. 
11.3 Tiksar and its third parties may apply cookies when Users visit this website. The cookies that may be applied will only be used for the purpose of improving user experience on this website.  By using the cookies Tiksar is able to recognise the browsing experience of each particular User and apply this knowledge for the convenience of the User. 
11.4 Users will configure the navigation to be notified about the acceptance of cookies and whether they wish to install the cookies on their device. 

12. Termination of Services

12.1 Tiksar holds the right to remove or suspend services at any time without notifying User that is not obedient with Terms and Conditions stated here. 
12.2 Offering of intermediation services by Tiksar has no duration limit. However, Tiksar has the right to terminate the services offered on this website at any time. 
12.3 Where rationally possible, Tiksar will notify users in advance regarding this termination.


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